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We get asked all the time what "Open BP" is so either we're doing a bad job of marketing it or it's just a new concept that people haven't really seen before (or both?). We know that kids get better with a lot of extra reps, but the problem with going out and hitting on the tee in the garage or with a parent who maybe isn't fully in tune to all the nuance of the swing, is that the more reps you do of the wrong thing, the more you engrain that wrong thing into the player's habits. We even see a lot of this at team practices where parent coaches are doing everything they can just to keep everyone's attention! So we wanted to create an environment where kids could get tons of rep without the high cost of private lessons, yet still get guidance, coaching and direction to make sure it's actually good work and fixing shortcomings in the player's setup, mechanics and approach. All this while building their self-image and belief in their abilities as players by keeping it skill-level specific and fun... because baseball is fun. Why so serious?

Still not sure what Open BP is? :) We've got 2-3 cages going through proven drill progressions that will help you child get better. You just show up, bring the gear and your player has fun hitting with us. 

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126 Holmes Road #5 Liberty Hill, TX 78642

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